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COVID should not stop you from seeking help

We encourage you to not delay seeking help, even though it might feel more difficult than usual.

First time support seekers

It takes courage to reach out for help, so well done for making it here. Whatever you may be feeling or experiencing at this time, know that there is support available to help you to feel better.

SupportConnect is here to help you find the right support, no matter who you are or what you are experiencing. Whether you are feeling low or sad, anxious, grieving, thinking about suicide or having trouble with drug or alcohol use, SupportConnect is here to help connect you to the right support.

As a first time help seeker, there are a few options for getting support.

Your GP is a good place to start for most mental health concerns or if you’re having trouble with drug and alcohol use. GPs can provide treatment or refer you to a service or program that is right for you.

If you don’t have a regular GP, you can find one by asking for recommendations from friends, family or your local pharmacist. You can also look for a GP here:

When you are booking an appointment with a GP, you may want to ask:

  • How much the appointment will cost (some appointments are free and some will require payment)
  • How long the appointment will go for (you can ask for a longer appointment if you think that would be helpful)
  • If the GP has a particular interest or additional qualifications in mental health, drugs and alcohol and/or suicide prevention

When you visit your GP, try to be open and honest about how you are feeling, and ask as many questions as you need. You may like to write down a list of your symptoms (including uncomfortable thoughts and feelings) and when they have been happening, as well as a list of questions to ask your GP. Your GP should listen to you, make you feel comfortable and discuss options for help with you. You and your GP can then decide together what the best option may be for you.

SupportConnect is here to help you find the right mental health, alcohol and other drugs and suicide prevention services, in eastern and north-eastern Melbourne.

SupportConnect asks you a few simple questions such as your age, the type of support you are looking for (e.g., mental health, suicide prevention and drug and alcohol support) and whether you would like support specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, or someone who is LGBTIQA+.

Once you have answered these questions, SupportConnect will show you the services that best match your needs. You can then refine your search based on:

  • Delivery method (e.g., phone or video, face to face, outreach, online)
  • Type of support (e.g., counselling, support groups, hospital)
  • Referral type (e.g., no referral required, referral required)
  • Fees (fees, no fees applicable)
  • Specialty (various mental health diagnoses)

You can also search for services by typing what you are looking for into the search bar.

Click here to find support.

SupportConnect has a team of qualified and experienced clinicians, who provide telephone assistance and referral support for those who would prefer to speak to a person rather than using the website.

The team can also provide more specific advice for individuals with multiple or more complex needs or who are just not sure about the supports that are the most appropriate for them.